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Keeping your vacation home well-maintained while you're away.


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About Us

We look at it like this.  Your job is to enjoy yourself as much as possible during your vacation.  Our job is to help you do it by keeping your vacation home well-maintained and providing other needed services.  As our clients have found, we are very good at our job.  We hope you'll allow us to demonstrate!

Jeremy & Keri Searcy

Your Total Home Care Service

Monday Maintenance & Home Care is a personal caretaker service for people with vacation residences in Montana's Flathead Valley. Being close by allows us to keep an eye on your home and quickly respond to emergencies or last minute requests. 


Our clients rely on us to monitor, manage and maintain their homes while they are away.  Services provided are customized to each client and home. Our main concern is to catch and fix a problem before it develops into a costly disaster. It always seems that problems occur when no one is around. That is when pipes freeze, water heaters leak, storms wreak havoc, and roofs collapse from heavy ice and snow. Even warm weather brings potential problems that can occur when you are gone. Coordinating service work and supervising repairs is not easy when you live far away. We work closely with many trusted, reputable and skilled tradesmen and subcontractors. Even better, Jeremy is a master plumber with over 20 years experience and specializes in boiler systems and radiant/hydronic heat. With us as your home caretakers, your problems are taken care of and you can rest easy. 

Common requests:

Opening up your home before you arrive (getting house to comfortable temperature and turning on the water).

Closing your home upon departure (shutting water off to prevent possible leaks and turning temperature down to be energy/cost efficient)

Cleaning/replacing air filters

Cleaning gutters

House & deck staining

Shoveling walkways and decks

Furnace and water heater maintenance

Putting in/taking out of lawn furniture

Firewood delivery

Meeting police for triggered alarms

Spa care (cleaning/chemical monitoring)

Picking up/dropping off of vehicles at the airport

Bringing in packages and forwarding mail.


If there is something out of our scope, we will coordinate and meet with repairmen or vendors to ensure all work is completed to satisfaction.

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